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, it is dÉjÀ vu in maryland. there is one thing that the gubernatorial competitors agree on the. ough. >> mother nature may present none at st. andrews today. we will talk about the running backs situation with the redskins. backs situation with the redskins. i'm from the gulf coast. my family spends a lot of time here. i have a personal interest in ensuring that we get this job done right. i'm keith seilhan. i'm in charge of bp's clean up on the gulf coast. bp's taken full responsibility for the clean up, and that includes keeping you informed. over 25,000 people are included in the clean up operation. our crews are cleaning the gulf beaches 24/7. we're going to be here as long as it takes to make this right. >> and the maryland governor's race is heating up. >> it may seem eerily familiar, because the same two men are going after the state leadership. >> we sat down with the governor o'malley and bob ehrlich to get their take on the race. >> governor o'malley was in baltimore touting new jobs today. one person says he gives the governor high marks for helping his business grow durin
are dead, including one american. and maryland teenager was hurt in the blast. we are live with developments. >> a 16-year-old was among the more seriously injured. she was part of a church group watching the world cup when the blast erupted. victims of the terror attack are struggling to understand how a night of triumph ended in tragedy. the target was a popular ethiopian restaurant and a crowded sports field. among the dead are a 25-year-old american. at least six other americans were injured, including a 16- year-old from maryland. she and her grandmother planned to return to maryland tomorrow. the girl was in the restaurant in the blast occurred and now she is in a hospital in johannesburg. a 32-year-old man who is recovering in hospital. >> at the beginning of the second. there was this big explosion. most of the victims were ugandan. >> they did not do this for nothing. >> the obama administration has condemned the attack and a spokesperson said that an fbi team is on the ground and it has pledged its support as the investigation continues. >> members of congress are
the gun show people. greta kreuz has that story. >> 37 states including maryland and virginia have some type of loophol;e exempting certain gun sales for background checks. today, house committee members got an earful from those who say it is time to close them. tom walked into the form, sporting a pair of size 10.5 vans sneakers, warned by his son the day he was shot and killed at columbine high school massacre. eric terrace and dylan klebold bought the weapons at a gun show from a private, unlicensed seller. >> no background check or paper sale. that is where they bought their guns. it is shameful. >> he and others lobbied the judiciary committee to close the loopholes that requires dealers to do background checks but not private cellars, even playing this underground -- undercover video. >> no background check? >> some more families and survivors of the 2007 virginia tech shooting. this person still has three bullets in his body after seung- hui cho's rampage. >> he constantly changed clips, put moran, and just shot. >> some are concerned that second amendment gun rights are being ch
in potomac, abc 7 news. >>> meantime, a two year-old maryland boy has been found and is safe. police issued an amber alert after aaron gamez was reported about the last afternoon. officers are not releasing details on how the child was found but are continuing to investigate. >>> another soldier from our region has been killed in iraq. specialist morganne mcbeth died yesterday. choose critically injured in a non-combat incidents on thursday. she was 19 years old and part of the 82nd airborne division based in fort bragg, north carolina. vice president biden is going to erupt for a surprise trip. elections were held in iraq for march, but no clear winner was determined. biden is hoping he can urge opponents to agreement. >> i remain extremely optimistic about a government being formed here. i am with the representatives representing all the main parties. >> there is some urgency. the administration would like to see a formal agreement before the of military begins to draw down next month. when that withdrawal is complete just 50,000 u.s. combat troops will remain in iraq. >>> another promine
in southern maryland. this is down near shady side along the western shore. as you can see in the forecast, upper 60's to near 70's tomorrow as you wake up, nearly perfect. >> you can get an updated forecast all evening long by going to the weather section of our website, now we are learning more details about a suspect in custody. this is quite a disturbing story. >> a 5-year-old girl, sexually assaulted in her own neighborhood. the suspect is behind bars. >> in langley park, there is much concerned about the sex of salt of a 5-year-old girl. police say was here in the 1400 block of university boulevard when martin grijalva-tabor encountered the victim. she did not know him. the victim went home after the assault. 10:30 on a friday morning, broad daylight, is a fact of the matter that concerns many adults. she watches her kids and neighbors more carefully now. police and parents are urging caution. >> we need to accompany them were they go whenever we can. >> now police will not say specifically how they tracked down grijalva-tabor. they do say that he lives in the same neighbor
the day with these temperatures and it could be dangerous. we had three deaths in maryland in the past week. you can see this as a testament to what is going on. we have seen the first group of softball players come out to brave the sun, but the rest of them are staying under the shade because it is tough out here. >> i am making sure i do not give anybody a warm one. >> his cooler mix in a popular man -- makes him a popular man. >> i am providing a service on a day like this. >> it feels over 100 in sabrina powell's apartment. >> i actually slept in my car with the car running for about four hours just to stay cool. >> for many, there is no escape. >> it goes on and on. >> we have not had a summer like this in a long time. >> the temperature is eclipsed by the heat index and it made conditions difficult for many. the number of people holding umbrellas were venting. >>this broken escalator and is 0 steps only found one taker today. meanwhile, the department of transportation are watching facilities. >> another comment on the bottling of the road, several dozens of incidents where the a
in maryland, saying they violate the second amendment. >>> 3 american hikers marked by gramm anniversaries. they have been held for one year. -- marked a grim never serene -- anniversary. their mothers visited them in may. they say there is no reason their children should not be allowed to come home. >> we think this is ridiculous, outrageous, unethical, and necessary. >> they are accused of espionage, -- unnecessary. >> they are accused of espionage, but they have not been formally charged. said it changed hollywood and politics collide -- >> hollywood and politics collide for chelsea clinton's wedding. >>> albert haynesworth was backed out running in th. coach shanahan will not put him out there. >>> a celebration is about to begin in rhinebeck, new york. >> there is nothing small about this wedding. richard reeve is joining us with some of the secret details. >> some are calling at the wedding of the year. it will be an expensive affair, costing millions. the small town of rhinebeck, new york, is buzzing with activity. there was an appearance by the father of the bride. it is not quite
news. this is moving south towards southern maryland. we have been tracking the live weather reports out of ashburn. wind gusts of 47 miles per hour. 77 degrees in reston. they have not had nearly as much rain. we will check out conditions around the area in its oakton. you are next up for this storm. we will report back to you in a couple of minutes. >> the cap is still on but will gases are leaking into the gulf. >> what is next? jennifer donelan has the latest. >> a major concern that the newly placed cap is causing too much pressure underground. for the moment, at the cap will stay. millions of gallons of oil spewing relentlessly into the gulf, it turns out the experimental cap put in place thursday is leaking. >> the concern is somewhere in there there is a ruptured disc or structural damage. >> the government is this -- paying special attention to those bubbles. the president's point man said the leaks are not of major concern. officials say bp can keep the cap on for now, but they were put on notice that when these seats are detected, too quickly investigate. >> we are frustra
, which will now allow metro to purchase seven trains. full approval is expected tomorrow. >> in maryland, the gubernatorial candidate robert ehrlich jr. has chosen a running mate. mary jane served as secretary of state during his first term as governor. she is currently director of special projects at the u.s. chamber of commerce. >> a real taste of history at mount vernon. george washington's whiskey is now available. >> it is going to be a hot weekend. we will tell you how high the temperatures will go. >> tiger woods is struggling on the course. what is washington without a debate? actually, the debate is nationwide. does stephen strasburg cockledoodledooooo! i do 22 more inspections than the government requires. and my fresh, all-natural chickens are never given any hormones or steroids. ♪ ...and no candy, gladys. [ clucks ] [ male announcer ] perdue. extra inspections... extraordinary chicken. it heard what happened to the vcr and the cassette player. and the answering machine. it knows what happens to obsolete technology around here. what you need to help your tv understand is it
of maryland. we will look for showers to become more numerous in the overnight hours. the national weather service has issued a flash flood warning to the west of the seed there will be some sort of -- to the west of d.c. 1 inch of rain by the time the system moves out of here. look for a chance of an isolated thunderstorm, but otherwise partly sunny. there is a cool down and warm up on the way. >> coming up, why "wonder woman" was involved in a court case. >> why a metro train was on the wrong tracks. >> how well have local bars gun during the world cup? to a 100% fiber optic picture. to more hd channels than cable. it's also the ultimate on-demand hd movie experience with the movie poster gallery. and the ability to search your hd titles by content or actor, not just title. by changing that old cable technology, your hd tv can finally reach its lofty potential. it's time for fios. visit customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v. >>> a close call for metro after a train went on to the wrong tracks. a passenger noticed the train was going the wrong way. metro says
live doppler radar. an isolated shower or thunderstorm across maryland at this time, not going to amount much, about 6 inches below average in terms of rainfall for the area. here is what is going on with our key to advisory, which remains in effect until 11:00 this evening -- with our heat advisory. it is 97 in fairfax. here is a look at the record. 101 and bwi-marshall. it made up to 102. we tied the record at dulles, 101 degrees. another warmup on the way. >> to check the temperatures anytime, go to, and for some cooling centers. >>> a barge collided with a tour boat today, sending passengers into the delaware river. there were two crew members and 35 passengers on board. right now, two people are unaccounted for, a 16-year-old girl and a 20-year-old man. a fire on the tour boat caused it to stall in the middle of the river before it was hit. >>> reports a service of a possible spy swap in exchange for prisoners the u.s. once freed. some of the people were scheduled for a hearing >> the holston was canceled, and then we got this, in order for them to be transferred
and miss variety of these things, southern maryland is saying, where are the showers? i wanted to show that terrific picture, this was just a few hours ago, from rachel, calvert cliffs. this is what is called a shelf cloud. sometimes you could feel the wind had of the thunderstorm. they produce these clouds. by the way, when you see something like this on the beach, get out of it and seek safety. a lot of people are headed to the beaches the upcoming weekend, lots of vacations. the line of showers out into the atlantic. things are reasonably quiet. there are a couple in the lower latitudes. at the beach next week, looks like quiet whether. it is 79 degrees, richmond reached 101 degrees, tying their record. the leading edge of the refreshing air comes in tomorrow morning. the temperature when you get up tomorrow and had out will be in the 60's, near 70, especially heading to the metro will be more comfortable. delightful tomorrow, great weather, sparkling blue skies, north wind, low humidity, middle to upper 80's. after that, clouds return into the weekend, but certainly friday and satu
maryland, stafford, and no indication that they are severe. r temperatures are plenty warm. we have hit 90 or better for the seventh consecutive day. 83 in fairfax, 90 in leesburg. more heat and humidity ahead in the forecast just a few minutes away, gordon. >>> thank you. now back to the gulf of mexico where the waiting and watching continues. we now know where some of the oil is coming for. >> they announced testing will go on for one more day. we are monitoring the new developments. scott? >> within just a few miles of the bp well as there are two other wells. one of them is abandoned and one and not in production. it is believed that the leak is from one of those two wells. it is not uncommon, and we are told that it is not a huge concern. hardly an excuse to rest easy. inside the bp command center, every bauble, a drop of oil is counted and considered. today, answers on the leaks. >> we have five a very small leaks around the league up printer on like an oil leak -- not unlike an oil leak you have in your car. >> they will continue testing for 24 hours. there were calls for change on
in the atlantic, and virginia and maryland were picked last in their divisions. >> whoa. >>> we will be right back. 17 billion dollar investment, and what do you see? at at&t, we see the dreams and ambitions of everyday americans coming true. we see an economic recovery taking root as businesses grow and prosper and add jobs, thanks to the amazing power of an open internet that works. america needs an internet that is always getting faster, safer, and more secure. at at&t, our investment last year of more than 17 billion dollars in the wireless and wired networks of tomorrow is what's fueling innovation today and creating jobs and opportunities now. we invest because we know the internet works. it's working for our children, our families, our economy and our future. and if there were ever a time to stick with what works, now is it. the future has always been our business. and the future begins now. >>> storm damage has lingered into rush-hour traffic tonight. we are over route 29 and new hampshire. be aware. >> you're not going to get far in that area. >>> will have the latest at 11:00. >>> will h
and the easy choice. >>> lieutenant governor anthony brown of maryland has been elected the leader of the governors' association. >>> crowds cheered and lined the streets of downtown d.c. last night, catching glimpses of the first family visiting the international spy museum. his wife michelle and sasha and one of her friends at visited the museum for about an hour and uneasy in before heading home. >>> the weather finally cooperated a little bit. not as humid, not as sticky outside. outside at this hour, we have just a few clouds rolling in. the clouds continue to increase as we move into the evening hours. by tomorrow, looks like mostly cloudy skies. off to the weatherbug network, the time lapse from nationals park. this morning, abundant sunshine. then the clouds roll in from the west. clouds continue to thicken, could have showers later tonight, but the best chance is west of d.c. 86 in the district, high of 87. rockville, 85 degrees, high of 89. it is a cool 68 in bridgewater after the rain, a touch of rain on doppler radar. the showers will to the west of the set -- west of d
at large. >>> changes to how standardized tests will be administered. state education leaders in maryland state teachers will no longer be a preview the exams before giving them. the policy change was announced yesterday. they see growing concerns about test security led to the policy change, although no cases of cheating have turned up. >>> coming up, two u.s. troops disappear in afghanistan. a dramatic rescue caught on tape. the woman escaped a brush with death after falling on to train tracks. and a music festival turns deadly. what triggered this stampede? >>> at least 17 people died, 80 were injured at a stampede at a music festival in germany. they were crushed inside of a tunnel at the festival. the panic started when the police tried to stop thousands of people from trying to enter the parade grounds that were packed with hundreds of others. emergency workers had trouble getting to the victims because of the crowds. initially, the concert continued with partygoers on aware of the deadly panic. >>> two u.s. troops are missing in afghanistan. it released a statement the service memb
ponies crossing into assateague maryland from to teak for the 85th annual pony swim -- into assateague from chincoteague island for the 85th annual pony swim. beautiful. >>> hot and humid tomorrow, mid 90's, chance of heavy and severe thunderstorms in the afternoon. less humid friday and saturday, a better chance of storms sunday. storyteller: hey diddle diddle the cat and the fiddle the cow jumped over the moon. then quickly fell back to earth, landing on the roof of a dutch colonial. luckily, geico recently helped the residents with homeowners insurance. they were able to get the roof repaired like new. they later sold the cow, because they had all become lactose intolerant. call geico and see how much you could save on homeowners insurance.
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